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kdb2 I am not too much of a horoscope enthusiast but I can appreciate a good coincidence. I am an Ox born in March and if all goes as planned, my gorgeous pregnant wife will give birth in March to a new little Ox. Needless to say that this year will be a crazy one for these first time parents.

The End of the year has not been too calm either (this is the excuse I am using to justify not updating the blog on weekly basis). I crammed a few new jobs before the Holidays and I plan to post up on Vimeo one of the Boxing day ads that a worked on with my designer friend Nick who is also re-desining my site.  A much needed facelift and with the “New Edition”, this will hopefully generate and attrack more challenging, exciting and lucrative work.

So, as the New Year starts, I am filled with many unrealistic hopes of blogging more frequently. I was encouraged and inspired by my friend/design guru/ex-roomate Haig’s to keep the blog rolling. (check out his wicked blog and work)
I am planning to finish the 4 articles that I still have unpublished and update some follow ups on the popular Rogers’ “High Speed Cable” post and lots more post production and techno postings about reel world moviemaking.

For now I would encourage you to seek inspirado (as I call it and Jack Black too) with these two links that will massage the creative juices for the new Year.

neave watch_mirror


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