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Why isn’t there 3D text in After Effects yet?
I was watching a pretty cool tutorial from the GreyMan. He created a pretty cool old video effect look, which is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Then it had me thinking about the recent updates from Adobe. They seem really interested integrating 3D features into Photoshop and Illustrator but what about After Effects. For years there has been Plug-ins an workarounds and presets to make 3D text but why are they taking baby steps when this feature has come and gone in a sense. Time to give it up Adobe…

Your key is perfect, it blends in with the background, you have adjusted all the color correction and everything but there is something still not just right.


Your Brain is telling you NO! I think the very generous Maltaannon has given in his tutorial LIGHTWRAP the “keys” to the keying problem for FREE.

Maybe it is my eye has been exposed to the evolution of green screen thought the years and I usually can pick off a greenscreen but in recent years some shots I just know are logistically greenscreen moments but I can’t see it and I think this is why. This little addition of the interaction of the light wrapping around the subject is what is tricking my brain into thinking that the Giant Monkey is stomping out the city.

This technique is a must in your keying arsenal!
(And Hey if your reading this and your at one of those Big Companies, make them buy the Man’s Preset because he is making you the Hero.)



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