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keyboard-bagI was reading on the weekly tip newsletter from  The DV show site (you can and should subscribe to it under the tip section) and they posted  a very cool online version and a download-able PDF of all the major Final Cut Pro software packages shortcuts. (FCP, DVDSP, Color, Motion)


It still amazes me when I go in professional environments and I see other editors work. I see the struggling “Mouser’s”, the relatively fast “Pen Tableters” who don’t have carpel tunnel and then “default” keyboarders. But, I rarely see the “Customized Speed Demon” Keyboarder, which is the Church I am a loyal disciple.

Okay, all methods lead to the same result and I have been know to go on a rant about how editing is too fast since the advent of digital editing. That being said, “Mouser’s” are driving a Chevette with a77chevychevette top speed that barely breaks the speed limit and sometimes you need to be able to “drop the hammer”. So, as a professional the ability to edit as fast as you are brainstorming is a tool that may come in handy in certain situations. Moreover, if your an older editor you should/must adapt and keep up with the upandcomers from the video game nation that move at a lightning speed when it comes down to button combos.

The first few versions of FCP didn’t have customizable keyboards and that was one of the main arguments from the Avid editors. My Avid Teacher Ethienne showed me how important it was to move the keys to your liking and how much more productive your are when you don’t travel the keyboard distance or do pretzels with your fingers to access a common key that you use 100 times a day. One of the only things that I retain from this class was to travel with your customizable shortcuts. *

Now, if your already a Keyboarder your half way there your driving the jaguar but the seats are adjusted for a taller person and the mirrors are out of wack and your listening to Zamphir. So, take a baby_logos_jaguar3previewsecond, don’t be a sheep and let Apple dictate how you work and customize. Then, go to your Preferences folder on your home drive and copy the “Final Cut Pro User Data” folder to your ipod, memory stick or DVD media and bring it with you and drop them in the similar path folder before you work on a system that isn’t your own and then wow your new employer with your blazing speed!

Last thing, people are always amazed at how many shortcuts I use and how did I learn them all. I have a terrible short term memory and I am even amazed that I retain it; but it almost becomes reflex after a week of using the same shortcut. My advise is to learn 1 shortcut a week and move the tools that you use often to the main level of the keyboard, no “shift, command or control” button. Then don’t be scared to move the keys and try them in an new location, you will be surprised at the difference. (eg. the famous “J-K-L” keys are “S-D-F” for me, I find it opens up the keyboard and I move all my primary tools to my left hand.)
In a short amount of time you will speed up your work time.

Subscribe to Larry Jordan’s Blog tip of the day and then you don’t even have to open your FCP Manuals!

Okay, I do admit that you should not always the keyboard because you will develop carpel tunnel syndrome and it hurts. So, occasionally when nobody is looking pick up your mouse or use more “natural” Pen tablet with customized buttons in the Timeline window for added velocity.

*Travel with your creative tools: Very important because when you do get use to your custom keys and you will look like you are Newbie if you try to use the default settings and your physical memory of the keys may make you invoke FCP actions that will puzzle you.


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    this is the best shotcuts
    is very fine

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