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Just to follow up on one of my most read posts “Rogers High Speed Internet best of the worst and proud of it!“:

worlds_greatest_loser_mug-p168384220137488772qzje_400I did get a call from the Head Office of Rogers Cable in late August 2008.

The person who called and left a message about “returning the call if you had any more concerns” like she was checking me off her to call back list.
Now, i could not let them off the hook like that… I outlined all my concerns in my letter and that call back wasn’t satisfying. So, I called back (twice) leaving a message to call me back, so I can discuss further my “situation”.
When we spoke, the tone of the conversation was not like the monitored calls when you call tech support, not as guarded and Rogers Politically Correct. I explained to her why I wrote the letter and there was a small conversation where she told me that “the situation was now resolved in my area”. (I guess I would have to get there service again to confirm that claim) I don’t think that I believe her after my extended experience. I told her my new situation with YAK, one of there competitors, and she surprisingly said that she “was glad that I was happy with my service and that all had ended well.” I guess Rogers does want the best for me.

tricorderOh yeah, I finally got an iphone. So, I decided to go with Fido. I know they are the same company but I thought I would not give Rogers my money directly this time and do it through a sister company; since they have the Canadian Monopoly on the Apple “Tricorder”. Let’s just say that the Dog is a good analogy for the company. They claim to offer similar services than Bell but in reality there packages fall short of Bell, they are extremely convoluted and they have the weirdest Long Distance Plans/network restrictions. Needless to say Fido looks a lot like its Master.

promo-searchengine-smMake sure you know your getting the maxim out of your bandwith, TorrentFreak Blog posted up a link to Googles new pet project “Mlab” to monitor your bandwith providers and let the consumer know regain some control. I first heard about this through the CBC’s Search Engine which you should download everyweek to stay ontop of the latest Tech/Political/Copywright issues. It is one of the few major Podcast that tackle and monitor the issues of Copywrigth, Throddling and Cell phone propaganda…. Download a few and you get what this all means.


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