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Cuppa Coffee recently posted up the pilot episode of Nerdland that I edited this past fall (in there Cuppa Shows section of there website they have the whole show available for viewing).


Coming from a live action background and film production workflows, my animation experience was very revealing.
I was able to use some of my compositing skills in a more intensive manner and familiarize myself with an animation production workflow.

Live action Film and Animation should cross paths, I learned some valuable workflow lessons.
However, the pace is something you have to get use to. It is definitely slower, which makes it very hard when you are trying to give the show a pace and rhythm.

coraline-bookI also, just saw Coraline in 3-D pretty amazing the amount of depth and excellent use of the Real3D technology, it makes the 3-D it less of a gimmick more of an enhancement of the movie experience and composition. A must see.



  1. Hey Anthony! I just wanted to say–your hard work made Nerdland a pleasure to work on. The open-door policy you had, and your willingness to explain the process to the uninitiated so we could follow along was very cool and helpful. Your hard work was a huge factor in the pilot’s success! Not sure where, but I hope we cross paths again! Your enthusiasm was infectious.

  2. Hey, Thanks Ted but this was a team effort in the purest form. Was a pleasure to work with you see that some people in the business of making Movies or Media are still passionate. This is what happens when you work outside the strict lines that are set, it is not always about efficiency sometimes the creative process needs to be flexible to produce a quality piece. I am strong proponent of letting all departments understand what the other is doing it is essential in Moviemaking, live-action or animation.

    We need more people like you and the rest of that team, who pitched in every step of the way, so much talent that need to be left loose and unabated! See you out there.

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