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twitter_logo_headerI have been hearing about Twitter for months now and I finally opened and account. After a week of Tweeting, I see that this application is a scaled back version of Facebook’s status update line. So, what is the big deal. Well, If Facebook was a personal computer, it would be a PC and Twitter would be the MAC. It is just more efficient than Facebook.

I would not say that it is better than Facebook but I am not one to explore everyone’s personal pictures, office YouTube clips and wacky add-on applications that they seem to always want me to add to my already cluttered Facebook account. Facebook has its place, I found it very useful to announce to all my friends and acquaintances that we were having a baby and to spread some pictures around to my family. But overall and similar to a PC, sometimes it is a little much.
What Twitter brings to the social network scene from my perspective is a slick paired down version of some of your friends, acquaintances, corporations, website and even famous people’s daily discoveries and an occasional funny comment on a life experience. You can follow someone or be followed; my tendency is to follow my technologist friends since they are all early adopters and usually have interesting things that I would like to explore and/or similar interests. I also like to spread my techno-geeky links and daily discoveries from my office or the road via iphone apps like Tweeterific.

I am probably the last of the “early adopters” and it will probably grow as big or bigger than Facebook.I can definitely see the business and networking possibilities and I think that is why it is growing so fast.(recent podcast on TED, CBC Sparks, TWIT… all the tech-heads are on the “bus”) Similar to Google rise to power, I can see why Twitters simplicity will carve themselves a spot in the social network scene.

I even added the Widget to my site!


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