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Kevin Deakon Baird

Kevin Deakon Baird

My son was recently born on March 31, 11.50pm. Thus the lack of time for serious blogging. Twitter has seemed a healthy alternative for me and I make less speeling and grammar mistakes in 140 characters. So, FOLLOW ME if you want to get Post Production & Film Tweets.

So, time is valuable and before my son was born, we bought a car after many years of using public transit and man powered vehicles (ie. my bikes)
I soon realized that my reading time was substantially cut since I was doing the commuting driving and keeping my eye on the road. This coupled with the fact that off air Radio (with the exception of the CBC) is pretty lame. I had this idea after I got tired of making playlist and listening to podcasts: audiobooks!

I know this is not a great appifanny but I like many people that I would share my “new discovery” with; I raised my nose at the “lazy-Read-me-A-Story” people that listened to audiobooks instead of using their reading skills. However, when I went to the itunes store and saw that the book that I was going to purchase was 10$ and read in 2.5 hours. It hit me. Me the slow reader who reads a book a month on a good month could crank out a book in 2-3 car rides or 3-4 house cleaning activities. Wow great deal and I am a little cheap with certain things, books being one of them. So, I bought “Tribes” and 2 days later I was done. Hummm. In another few days I could eclipse my book reading record. I am a slow reader. This was a good deal.

Like I said when I shared this with others I got either the disapproving look or “nose in the air” comments about the joys of curling up to a book on a bear skin rug and a log fire. But in reality, my reading time has been on crammed city bus, standing in a packed subway or sitting on a cold porcelain seat. Hummm or should I say Brrrrr.

I am not saying don’t read but listening to a book is better than not reading it at all. I still have a book that I read, slowly but since I have listened to 4 books now in 2 months, I am adding audiobooks to my life.

Note that I don’t really read Novels, I am more of a Non-Fiction fan which I find is better suited for the audiobook format.
Here is a list of what I have listened to:


(crazy convienient got all the information in a few hours, time was a factor)



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