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piratetapeI was listening to a new podcast by the Globe and Mail. “The Download Decade” and this old music industry fossil who is now head of some international coalition to rally all countries to “stop piracy”. He said pirate, piracy & steal so many times that I didn’t start to feel guilty for downloading torrent files, I started to be insulted. I am not a Pirate.

I started to think about the what the people on the other side always call it, “file sharing”. Yeah that’s more like it. If I flashback 15 years, before the digital jungle we call the interweb was widespread. I use to own a double deck cassette player and when me and my buddies would buy a record or cassette we would share our purchase with each other. I also remember listening to the radio and recording off-air my favorite songs. Then when I had some disposal income I would lots of there overpriced cassettes, then CD, VHS and finally DVDs. I owned so much stuff that I filled many Ikea bookcases and bins with my various media. Sometimes a friends would want to borrow some media they were more than welcome that’s what friends do. I shared my media with them and occasionally they would even make a copy of it to play in there walkmans or Golf GTI, crazy concept.

In the last few years I have, with the encouragement of my wife, to discard some of the now obsolete media (cassettes, VHS and soon all my DVDs will be on the chopping block). So, lets get this straight I have pumped in lots of my money into the “Fat Cats” pockets. And let me write this in caps, I AM NOT GOING TO RE-PURCHASE ALL THE MEDIA THAT I PREVIOUSLY OWNED, again. I must admit that I have doubled and now with the advent of yet another device (Blu-ray) triple purchased some of my favorite media; guilty over consumer. I am a media lover but this is like one of those dysfunctional on-again-off again high school relationships, I am tired of breaking up with my media. So, please don’t call me a pirate.

Wait a minute! When I really think about it, I still buy music or give it as a gift (itune cards are very convenient and always appreciated) and I go to the movies and even buy an occasional Blu-ray DVD. I am still consuming there products. So, please don’t call me a Pirate.

Okay, one might say what about the new music, TV and Movies that are released every week? This is also really important (let me cap this) IF I AM DOWNLOADING IT, IT MEANS THAT I  WOULD NOT BUY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. If its TV I would not make room in my schedule to sit through your show and I would not spend money on a box set of a TV show that was on the tube for “free”. I hate downloading Movies because they are usually poor quality, but if I would, its because I WOULD NOT PAY MONEY FOR THE MOVIE. If your media is good I make a point to spread the word (aka free advertising)

So, for the love of Jeebus, DON’T CALL ME A PIRATE!

If you must label me call me a Digital Sharer or something.

(some of my double purchases or Triple purchases)
Aliens Trilogy
Stanley Kubrick Movies
Say Anything
Wu-Tang Clan
(I am going to stop this list is aggravating me)*

Copyright Shared Links
The Download Decade
lots of great info about the history behind copyright and some better written articles about “Piracy” battle.
Search Engine (Jesse Brown Moved from CBC to TVO update your itune Podcasts subscriptions)
Michael Geist (keep up with the latest news on Copyright battle)

*Please feel free to add to this list of double purchase that you have made to the poor Music Mega Companies & film studios.


Just to follow up on one of my most read posts “Rogers High Speed Internet best of the worst and proud of it!“:

worlds_greatest_loser_mug-p168384220137488772qzje_400I did get a call from the Head Office of Rogers Cable in late August 2008.

The person who called and left a message about “returning the call if you had any more concerns” like she was checking me off her to call back list.
Now, i could not let them off the hook like that… I outlined all my concerns in my letter and that call back wasn’t satisfying. So, I called back (twice) leaving a message to call me back, so I can discuss further my “situation”.
When we spoke, the tone of the conversation was not like the monitored calls when you call tech support, not as guarded and Rogers Politically Correct. I explained to her why I wrote the letter and there was a small conversation where she told me that “the situation was now resolved in my area”. (I guess I would have to get there service again to confirm that claim) I don’t think that I believe her after my extended experience. I told her my new situation with YAK, one of there competitors, and she surprisingly said that she “was glad that I was happy with my service and that all had ended well.” I guess Rogers does want the best for me.

tricorderOh yeah, I finally got an iphone. So, I decided to go with Fido. I know they are the same company but I thought I would not give Rogers my money directly this time and do it through a sister company; since they have the Canadian Monopoly on the Apple “Tricorder”. Let’s just say that the Dog is a good analogy for the company. They claim to offer similar services than Bell but in reality there packages fall short of Bell, they are extremely convoluted and they have the weirdest Long Distance Plans/network restrictions. Needless to say Fido looks a lot like its Master.

promo-searchengine-smMake sure you know your getting the maxim out of your bandwith, TorrentFreak Blog posted up a link to Googles new pet project “Mlab” to monitor your bandwith providers and let the consumer know regain some control. I first heard about this through the CBC’s Search Engine which you should download everyweek to stay ontop of the latest Tech/Political/Copywright issues. It is one of the few major Podcast that tackle and monitor the issues of Copywrigth, Throddling and Cell phone propaganda…. Download a few and you get what this all means.

Famous Copyright activist Cory Doctorow (Boing Boing & Craphound blog) wrote an interesting piece about the new “3 strikes rule and your banned from the internet” that the MPAA is trying to get passed by the US. He proposes that like in baseball 3 strikes rule applies for both teams. Read all about it.

I think that we should all be paying lots of attention to the regulations that seems to be trying to be passed to tame the Jungle called the internet an moviemaking (bill c-61). Here are some sites that keep me informed and aggregate the sea of legal jargon and have interviews with the main playas in the game of Copywrongs.
(unfortunately, the blog and podcast are still alive but the show is so popular that the CBC has canceled it from Radio One… hmmm …and Jesse Brown, the host, will be doing some segments on other shows… Hope he doesn’t get fired a month later!) (Hope this show doesn’t get too popular)