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Just surfing the net on a Sunday Morning and stumbled upon the GreyMachine.
I believe that he revamped his site from a year ago when I caught some of his tutorial on expressions for AE and he is good with the Trapcode too.

Harry J. Frank is his name and lots of great info tutotials and inspirado on his site.
Check him out.

grey man

I have been taking a PW (personal week) perfecting some After Effects skills and working through this training DVD by Andrew Kramer (

dvd training tutorial

The tutorial goes through the round trip production workflow of compsiting a fake Bullet, built in a 3D package and dropping into a prepared After Effects 3D scene, that is composited and color corrected for final delivery.

Andrew gives you a basic insight into Building a simple 3D object in 3 different packages (3d max, cinema 4d and Blender). Blender is an exciting package. It’s a free 3D package that is open source and very deep. I had played around with it before and honestly having some 3D package terminology and concepts down is helpful but he definitely gives you the real world concepts needed to “knock it out of the park”.

Free 3-D software package

The low down on the Bullet Tutorial is that it is good. Unfortunately, I would have to say that it isn’t free like most of the other tutorials at, but you have to help a Brotha out and lay down the cold hard cash.

Also, it isn’t for the novice AE user there are alot of advanced/pro level concepts that are applied. Another negative, he goes really fast, so it doesn’t take 5hrs as advertised but it just might be that my old brain is not good at mimicking/transferring knowledge from one screen to the next. I opened the .swf files of the tutorial in Quicktime so I could pause and rewind and that solved the speed issue.

Overall Gouda like the Cheese!