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Still trying to back into the mix of the freelance lifestyle after a few months of grinding it out at Cuppa Coffee Productions. (pun intended)
Just finishing a HIV Stigma web campaign and have a 2 more potential projects in the works.

I was doing a little catching up on my software packages, after working in a production environment where they use older versions of software packages, I learned to appreciate being able to upgrade my system and have the best tools at my disposal for my projects.

Adobe seems to want to make Photoshop the next After Effects.
I watched this tutorial running down the new features in PS CS4. Originally, I was slightly annoyed by the very close updates of their packages, I just got familliar with the 3D capabilities of CS3 and I haven’t even had a chance to familliarize myself with all the new features in AE CS3. They should have just waited and called CS3, CS4 at this rate in 2020 we will have CS XXV.

Here is a link to the Photoshop CS4 new tools:

They created some cool tools to generate a proper plates, focus and 3D composting graphics but why not include this features in AE, so we don’t need to go back in forth in Photoshop? Doesn’t make much sense that the Pros could not have these tools in AE that a Photoshop artist has access to.


However, they seem to be consistent Photoshop now has basic Video editing and 3D capabilities since CS3 Extended. For some reason it seems like a lot of effort is being put into photoshop as the “hub” of the Adobe package. It sort of makes sense or does it? If they can convert that user base, they would have a huge share of the market, but at the expense (neglecting) of the rest of their pro market.
Similar to Apple, they seem to neglect the pro or at least force them to invest in a pricier laptop… ahhh that is another topic to tackle on another day.


Here is a quick way to get up to spead on the new video features in Photoshop.

I use After Effects a lot so I don’t think I would need these features.
Crazy thought: they should combine After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator… that seems to be the natural solution rather then integrating minor capabilities from all the apps.

Just saw “Wanted” on Canaday Day weekend, good clean summer fun without bogging us down with a complicated story. It was like a film school creole of Fight Club, Matrix and Equilibrium’s imaginative gun play.

I was looking around to figure out who did the visual effects because the “curving Bullet Shot” in the trailer resembles the Video Copilot’s Tutorial THE BULLET

dvd training tutorial

that I just did but there wasn’t much info except for this article from the VFXWorld

Here are some of the links that I stumbled upon when I was digging around the net for the suprisingly little information about this heavy CG movie. (director Timur Bekmambetov’s VFX company that did most of bulk of effects) (did the train crash)

Just surfing the net on a Sunday Morning and stumbled upon the GreyMachine.
I believe that he revamped his site from a year ago when I caught some of his tutorial on expressions for AE and he is good with the Trapcode too.

Harry J. Frank is his name and lots of great info tutotials and inspirado on his site.
Check him out.

grey man