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Earlier this year I played around with this software CeltX when it was in 0.9 version (aka almost matured as a program) Very Impressed at the price, FREE and for that price I wasn’t expecting it to be so deep and versitile.

You can write a scripts great but you can also start up a online project and work on it co-operatively with anybody with an internet connection. Moreover, anybody who you give access to your project can add all different types of documents (schedules, images, reference materials, even external documents from other programs like Excel) to your online project.

Most of the projects that I work on have very minimal face to face meetings. I get client feedback via email, FTP audio files and images. Recently, I just met face to face with a client that I had worked almost purely online (Monster Warrior Promo). (I talked to him once on the phone) all are interactions and editing decisions were done via email. I can see where a tool like CeltX can facilitate many people working on a project. I have been asked many times how to streamline the workflow of a project, CeltX is now my answer.