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Finished with the Nerdland project for Cuppa Coffee.

I must say that I had a very interesting experience. I still and I think always will learn something new from every project. In the future I will be blogging more about filmmaking not the technical but the philosophical or just my point of views on the subject

My Traditional film training and experience has come in handy with many of the effect shots in this stop motion environment. Storytelling and knowledge of old techniques always come in handy, the concepts don’t change, just the technology.

Just recently , the director had a transition in and out from a flashback a-la-Citizen Kane. This optical printing process, back in the “day”, is at least a 7 step film processing job, probably took weeks to produce a final that was watchable. Needless to say that the Compositor banged this effect out in a couple of hours. The story telling device is the same.

N.B. this clip still hold up visually to this day, that is some dam fine work.

I was just reading a this old article from Digital Arts and Stu Maschwitz (digital vfx guerrilla extraordinaire).

He touches again on many poignant points, his book has made my short list of book’s that are essential for new filmmakers, get it and check his blog out.

I will blog an official short list of must have books for new filmakers that don’t want to go to film school and spend 3 years and lots of money.

Now back to the daily grind and lots of new projects in the queue.