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So, I have a buddy of mine who has a PSP and is going on a long trip to Afganistan. I wanted to let him borow  his favorite movies and some other great films to enjoy in the hot sun of the Middle East on his portable device.

I naturally went to the Sony site/Playstation/PSP… first mistake. They practically had “good luck on converting a movie for the PSP but you buy this piece of software that will do it automatically, thanks for shopping Sony!”

I “researched” the internet to find examples of good PSP movie compression. Second mistake, a lot of people compress stuff poorly, not deinterlacing, not 2-pass encoding because it increases encode times and not caring if their movies look like we are watching a Western in the 80’s on an Magnavox.

Then, I searched on the World Wide Web for an answer and kinda figured it out the maximum settings but I wasn’t 100% that Handbrake 0.7.1 the Free Software that I was using to go straight from the Original DVD to PSP format was not going to be displayed with a warped aspect ratio. I have used this program in the past to convert my DVDs straight to ipod format, quick easy and intuitive.

Searched some more and realized that I was using on old version of the magic Pinaple program.
HandBrake 0.9.2 (yeah not even a 1.0 version) is the Pimp of all DVD to portable media player programs converters.
It downloads with all sorts of presets ipod, iphone, Xbox360, AppleTV and even the illusive PSP.

Guide to Anamorphic Encoding in HandBrake

Gold Star to Handbrake and get it will its free. Handbrake