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If you have been using Final Cut Pro since its first incarnation and you have diligently kept fairly up-to-date with the new features you have like myself maxed out on reading any books to find that little trick that makes your work just a little faster. I found this site, or should I say Google Reader suggested this site base on my RSS subscriptions, Larry Jordan’s Final Cut Pro tips.

I am primarily a “keyboarder” when I edit, and most programs, and when People watch me work they have often asked me how did you learn all the keyboard shortcuts?… Learn one trick (a.k.a. shortcut) a week and customize your keyboard.

This site will give you a daily tip on FCP when you subscribe to its RSS feed and save your wrists from all that “mousing” and basically make you a faster editor.


Check it out and bookmark it, mxf4qt

In this day an age of P2 cards and XDcam footage this might make all our lives a little easier
An Add on QT component that let’s you view your footage and integrated within the OS X environment

Stumbled onto this via MFCPUG