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I was referred this article by my film savy friend¬† Joe Hamilton. I must say that it caused an emotional reaction. It sited Walter Murch, Ondaatje, Paul Greengrass and C. Noland, who are all well respected by myself. However, the article quotes these two knucle heads from the New York Magazine and the New York Time. (I must also admit that I don’t really respect newspaper Movie critics, they are the cheerleaders of the film world and their opinion is as valid as yours or mine, put your thumbs down. )

They complain about the spacial blah blah blah and coherence of blah blah blah…. It’s a fight scene. Good guy punches bad guy, that is all I want to know and let’s focus on the story and pacing of the movie. I personally leave all that logic at door of theater and pick it back up when I walk out. Movies like Batman, The Bourne series would not be very enjoyable. These critics should pick on bad movies that had bad stories and bad action i.e. Transformers, Doom and why they were not able to hold an audiences attention. We shouldn’t have to hold back the whole “class” because of few slow “students”.

Action editing has evolved from Escape from New York

or any genre.¬† When I edit something and the director starts to look at the cusp of the cut on a frame level and not at the motivation or feeling/pacing of the scene and how it works in favor of the story, I start to worry “are focusing on Textbook Editing because that book was written 10 years ago”

Sorry for the rant but check out this blogger’s rant about the Dark Knight, much more insightful than the “cheerleaders”.

Here are the article from

Mo’ Better article about The History of the Fight scene: