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I sorta enjoy watching keynotes or presentations but taking time out of my busy day to go to a conference hall to listen to 10 different presentations and eat a continental breakfast is not always my idea of a productive time spent.
All that, to get to one 20 min featured product… a healthy alternative from the comfort of your computer.

macvideo-logo delivers tons of info and presentations on all aspects of Editing, Authoring, Motion Graphics and cameras. Lots of nice demos and previews.


Vimeo. Simple word, sorta sounds like Video but with a twist… Vimeo.

YouTube is good for watching old clips of your Childhood youth…

… but what do you do when you want to post up your work and you don’t want it to look like the Atari 2000.

I have my own Flash encoding recipe and I was taught by my “Flash Masta” how to embed something in my website but what if you don’t want to waste 12 hours learning Flash, Dreamweaver and FTP programs. Basically you just want to get it out there and it want it to look good.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vimeo is in Glorious HD! and at the very low price of Free!! Check it out.

Also, Check out my Color Correction Comparison between Apple Color and FCP Color Correction filters. Without Vimeo I doubt you could see the difference.