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I sorta enjoy watching keynotes or presentations but taking time out of my busy day to go to a conference hall to listen to 10 different presentations and eat a continental breakfast is not always my idea of a productive time spent.
All that, to get to one 20 min featured product… a healthy alternative from the comfort of your computer.

macvideo-logo delivers tons of info and presentations on all aspects of Editing, Authoring, Motion Graphics and cameras. Lots of nice demos and previews.


Here is a quick way to get up to spead on the new video features in Photoshop.

I use After Effects a lot so I don’t think I would need these features.
Crazy thought: they should combine After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator… that seems to be the natural solution rather then integrating minor capabilities from all the apps.

Free Final Cut Pro Studio Plug-in site

4 or 5 freeware cool Apps for Final Cut Pro Studio… I tried a few, who can argue with that price!

If you ever wanted to line up a graphic consistently or just wanted some straight reference line DH_guides does the job or maybe you just wanted to overlay a simple grid, DH_grid is worth its free price + 40$.

However, I don’t want to complain, since these are free but you are limited to a 10×10 grid with the grid app … that is a little silly even for a freebie, but the only downside.

You can also get this cool widget Video Space for the geeks that aren’t too strong with numbers.
It calculates media storage.

If you have been using Final Cut Pro since its first incarnation and you have diligently kept fairly up-to-date with the new features you have like myself maxed out on reading any books to find that little trick that makes your work just a little faster. I found this site, or should I say Google Reader suggested this site base on my RSS subscriptions, Larry Jordan’s Final Cut Pro tips.

I am primarily a “keyboarder” when I edit, and most programs, and when People watch me work they have often asked me how did you learn all the keyboard shortcuts?… Learn one trick (a.k.a. shortcut) a week and customize your keyboard.

This site will give you a daily tip on FCP when you subscribe to its RSS feed and save your wrists from all that “mousing” and basically make you a faster editor.

Check it out and bookmark it, mxf4qt

In this day an age of P2 cards and XDcam footage this might make all our lives a little easier
An Add on QT component that let’s you view your footage and integrated within the OS X environment

Stumbled onto this via MFCPUG