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I was listening to one of my regular podcasts (Meet the Experts), a podcast about everything and anything geeky. The host had one of the reps from Red, good interview.

I hadn’t visited the site since I first heard that they were going to build this camera that looked like it belonged in Aliens 5.

There has been lots of talk about the now legendary Red 4K camera and soon to come 3K Scarlet and the 5K epic (they seemed to have run out of of Red like words

Check out the RED MYTHBUSTERS video shows you a basic workflow sorta cool and demystifies their concept.

Anyways, discovered lots of free Final Cut Pro Apps (Free), documentation on work flow and free support apps.

* Problem: you need a Intel Mac to benefit from all these goodies.
Well, time to hit the “books” aka (.pdfs) and buy an Intel Mac with 21.1 gigawatts of RAM.

Now where did I put that next job again….