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Rediscovered the Diggnation show… I originally watch them when they were on the Democracy Player now the Miro player but the show was in it’s infancy and hard to watch.

But they have polished there web show and are quite entertaining in a geeky way. It is still 2 guys on a couch a la Wayne’s World with laptops drinking beverages and cracking jokes. Like a Kramer it is hard to look away. If you don’t have time to surf around the net and check out the less standard techy news, this show is good “cheat sheet” to the web-happenings.

In there last podcast they mentioned this interesting new rival to Google.

Former Google employees started this new search engine. I sorta like the simplicity it is “Mac-Like” but I think I am so use to Google that there column view is odd, but it might grow on me eventually.