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Famous Copyright activist Cory Doctorow (Boing Boing & Craphound blog) wrote an interesting piece about the new “3 strikes rule and your banned from the internet” that the MPAA is trying to get passed by the US. He proposes that like in baseball 3 strikes rule applies for both teams. Read all about it.

I think that we should all be paying lots of attention to the regulations that seems to be trying to be passed to tame the Jungle called the internet an moviemaking (bill c-61). Here are some sites that keep me informed and aggregate the sea of legal jargon and have interviews with the main playas in the game of Copywrongs.
(unfortunately, the blog and podcast are still alive but the show is so popular that the CBC has canceled it from Radio One… hmmm …and Jesse Brown, the host, will be doing some segments on other shows… Hope he doesn’t get fired a month later!) (Hope this show doesn’t get too popular)